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The Bureau Rebranded(ish) Live

Thursday, May 2, 2024 11:00 AM ET

Bill Kenney, co-founder of Focus Lab, leads us through a rebranding workshop showcasing an example with the Bureau of Digital. This event provides a behind-the-scenes look at the approach that distinguishes Focus Lab from the crowded B2B brand agency market. Their methodology ensures that every aspect of the rebranding journey—from verbal identity to visual language—is executed with a holistic impact that permeates their work. But what else would you expect from an approach created by the author of Conquer Your Rebrand?

Will the Bureau of Digital's name change? Should the iconic Bureau Shield make the cut? Will Carl cry? Sign up and find out!

This is a free event.

Bill Kenney Skiiing

Bill Kenney

Author of Conquer Your Rebrand / CEO of Focus Lab + Odi

Bill Kenney’s unyielding appetite for all things design, entrepreneurship, and serving others make him a grateful leader at Focus Lab. Raised on the small island of Martha’s Vineyard, Bill’s unique upbringing forged his love for the outdoors. When he wasn’t speeding down a wooded path on his dirt bike, he was swimming in the ocean, diving for coins in the sandy waters–a story for another day. Typically depicted as a “vacation destination for the wealthy,” the Vineyard is in reality very blue-collar. Those values, with their industrious work ethic, remain in his veins today.

After four years in Tampa earning his B.F.A., Bill landed in the quiet southern city of Savannah, Georgia. In the years that followed, he organically (and unexpectedly) helped found the brand agency you see before you today. With the simple, original goal of doing great work and serving people well, Focus Lab went from a two-person, part-time affair to a globally-recognized and influential team of outstanding humans.

Join us!